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Browsersync is an open-source project created by Shane Osbourne

Originally supported by [JH](


Why isn’t Browsersync connecting with my project?
99% of the time, it's because your web page doesn't have a `body` tag. In order for Browsersync to connect properly the `body` tag must be present in your website (we add a script tag just after it). Alternatively you can provide a custom rule for the snippet using [snippetOptions](
Which mode should I be running in?
  • If you have simple HTML, CSS & JavaScript files, you need the [server option](
  • If you already have an existing server setup (such as an Express app, Mamp, Rails etc, then you need the [proxy option](
  • If you intend to copy/paste the snippet into your website manually, you use the `snippet` mode. This is the default mode and is achieved by omitting both the server & proxy options
Where can I report an issue?

If you have found an issue with the Browsersync UI, please use our [issue tracker](

Need more assistance? Please try our [documentation]( for user guides or our [stackoverflow]( tag for answers to common problems.


We'd love for you to contribute to Browsersync and help make it even better than it is today! Please read our [contributor guidelines](